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Anita Sams, Nature Artist

It's not surprising that Anita Sams would grow up to be a Nature Artist. Her Father was a sportsman, and was the manager of a Texaco oil pumping facility in Venezuela, where they lived on the Pampas for 6 years. Field trips to gather wild orchids, catching butterflies & lizards, discovering tropical fish in muddy cattle hoof prints during the rainy season, and fishing the Orinoco River were some of her childhood pleasures. At the age of 12, her father turned over his oil paints to Anita, and her painting adventure began. "I'm primarily self-taught," says Anita, "Although I have had the opportunity to have taken several wonderful workshops from artists I admire."

Anita now paints in watercolors and colored pencil to create her detailed works. Rather than the broad landscape, Anita is drawn to those intimate scenes; a tiny waterfall of rainwater cascading over a few branches, a Cardinal helping himself to a few ripe blackberries, and over the last few years, she has found her art drifting more and more into the world of Botanical Art. "There's such beauty in even the most common weed!" says Anita. "I love to study and preserve them on paper." Some of her latest works are what she calls "Say it With Flowers". For this series, she uses mostly botanical materials to create words like Love, Joy, Cheer, Kiss, and more. "Searching for just the right materials for these works is nearly as much fun as the actual drawing and painting" says Anita.

Living with her husband, in the wooded hills near Big Rapids, at the edge of the Manistee Forest gives Anita the daily opportunity to study and learn from nature. "The details of what Mother Nature has created have always fascinated me, and I am on a wonderful journey. Never knowing what my next discovery will be. I'm currently studying an even more elusive area of plant life using a microscope, and hope to incorporate some of what I'm finding in future works" she says.

Anita Sams, Artist Statement
Art and Nature have been twin passions for me since I was quite young. Years have passed, and I'm still fascinated by what Mother Nature has created.

Living in the wooded hills of West-Central Michigan gives me an every day opportunity to study and learn from her. I have worked in many mediums over the years, but have now settled primarily on Watercolor and Colored Pencil as my mediums of choice. All my art work is original, and each has been drawn and painted by me from Nature, or from my own sketches and photos.

I use only Artist Quality materials for my work, and I spend many hours of happy labor to achieve the finished pieces.


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4 Leaf Clover
Apple Harvest
Feather, Ruffed Grouse
Pink Orchid on Black
Red Rose
Solomons Seal
The Imposter