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Artist Cheryl Gould

After a 30 great years of teaching art in Vicksburg Michigan, Cheryl retired and moved with her husband Brian to their "hunting" property near Morley. Brian hunts for deer and turkeys, and Cheryl hunt for birds and wild flowers, the source of inspiration for most of her art.

Cheryl dabbles in many art forms, including watercolor, relief printmaking, quilt design, and calligraphy, but most have a basis in the beauty and complexity of the natural world.

"For the quilt, Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow I wanted to represent many aspects of God's Blessings in the natural world, from the stars in the sky to the lilies of the field. I wanted to use traditional quilt blocks as much as possible to represent the landscape elements. I like the geometry of pieced quilt making, and working out designs on graph paper. However, I took a paper-piecing class awhile back, and used that method for the sun, which really helps get the points to be precise. After piecing it, I finally figured out how to use my machine to free motion quilt. A great aspect of retirement is that it gives me time to learn new skills."

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Tiger Swallowtail on Wild Iris
23" x 19"
Original & giclee prints available

Goldfinches in Flight
16" x 16"
Reduction Print

The Blooming Season
51" X 24"
Original & giclee prints available

Green-Headed Coneflowers
Original & giclee prints available

Marsh Marigold
Giclee prints available, custom sizes

Pancake Bay
21" x 13"

Showy Ladyslipper, watercolor
20" x 27"
Original & giclee prints available

Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow
34" x 94"

The Great Blue Lobelia
Watercolor 20" x 28"
Original and giclee prints available

Gray Owl
6" x 8"