106 N. Michigan Ave., Big Rapids, MI 49307   231-796-2420

Stained Glass Artist Doug Fonner

Doug is a relatively new stained glass artist. After completing his formal education in the biological sciences at Michigan State University, he taught physiology in upstate New York for several years and at Ferris State University for 34 years. He was introduced to stained glass 35 years ago through an adult evening class, but because of career and family matters, he did not seriously pursue it at that time. Doug rediscovered the art several years ago when he took a couple of stained glass workshops "for his sanity," and realized this was his niche.

Doug's studio is located in the woods a few miles west of Big Rapids. He works in both lead came and copper foil methods of stained glass. Leading is the traditional way of assembling large panels, whereas the copper foil method, pioneered by Tiffany, works well for smaller and more intricate pieces. Doug's light panels are generally representation designs of nature, whereas his lamps are geometric designs in the prairie style of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Doug welcomes commission work. Whether it's a lamp or window, each stained glass piece is unique and must fit with the decor and dimensions of the surrounding space. He encourages client participation in designing the project and selecting the colors and styles of glass required.

Click images for larger view.

Green Wings - 14"

Sunrise lamp - 14"

Blue Horizon - 14"

One Pine - 10"

Morning Iridescence - 22"

Two panel window - 30" x 54"

Morning Night - 22"

Bumble Bee garden stake

Butterfly garden stake

Dragonfly garden stake

Butterfly plant stakes